Woohoo! The Season is finally here! After the long awaited arrival, it was GAME DAY. Even from the bench it feels good to be back on the field, still a part of the team, making memories and grinding out the work. Not being active out on the field does suck, but there is a view that I’ve never experienced before. Having a perspective from not being on the field, it really is an eye opener from things I haven’t ever noticed or thought of.

One being taking seasons for granted. The 11 years I have been playing softball, each season comes around and at the time, it seemed like no big deal. To the point where I enjoyed playing and was having a good time but not really taking full advantage of the experience. Nowadays, sitting on the side, wanting to play the game I love, it really does show how big of a role it is in my life. As an athlete, when going from 7 hours of school a day to 3 hour practices, coming home and then doing whatever homework I have to finish, it was exhausting not going to lie. For the longest time, I wished for a break, and then everyone was given a break with quarantine. After that I was ready to finally play again only to get my hopes up. With the even longer break than I expected, it gave me the time I had wished for, but maybe a little too much.

After looking back on the aftermath of the whole situation, for the next upcoming season, I want to take it all in. Because who knows, maybe these could be my last. But the recovery process is important, so it will take time. Lemme tell ya, after I am 110% ready, oh boy what a season it is going to be!



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