Emma Hale
2 min readJan 24, 2021
Picture By: MapQuest

When wanting just a plain and simple cup of coffee, the options are endless. With nationwide shops like Starbucks or Scooters, how are the local businesses supposed to compete? Let me be the one to tell you, local coffee shops are so underrated!

Don’t know where to go? Well I have a spot perfect for you! My all time favorite spot is called POUR Coffeehouse. It is located on College and Lone Elm. They have everything from coffee to smoothies, but that is just the drink menu. Then you have their delicious breakfast burritos or blueberry scones and many more options to choose from on their breakfast menu.

Picture By: JCCC Blog

My go to order from here is an iced 913 coffee and a cinnamon roll. Let me say you can not go wrong with any drink from here but my personal favorite is the iced 913(and the name makes it taste that much better)! The 913 is a classic latte with caramel and vanilla syrup. Nothing too fancy but tastes so delicious! Oh boy, and their cinnamon rolls, I seriously don’t have words to describe how good it is. For starters, they are huge. You could easily split it with a friend or choose to eat it all(like me). What tops it off is the big glob of cream cheese frosting on top. So so yummy!

Not only do they have great drinks and food, it is a very cozy environment on the inside. It has the cutest decorations, and you can also find adorable coffee mugs and t-shirts to buy! Next time you need a place to study, head to POUR and grab yourself a coffee too!