Emma Hale
2 min readFeb 17, 2021

Let me be the one to say, keeping up with fashion trends and styles is hard. It seems as if something new comes out every other week! Not only is it hard, nothing is cheap these days. But with this life changing hack, it can save your money and keep you up with the fashion trends!

Back again with TikTok trends, but are we surprised? But this one is good and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

So we all know of the one of the highest fashion trends that have been going around: retro/vintage NIKE crewnecks, or whatever you want to call them. If you don’t… that is why I am here!

Photo By: Etsy

If you don’t know what I am talking about, the picture above is just a plain NIKE crew neck that was customized to give it that retro/vintage vibe. Looks simple and cheap right? But c’mon now…nothing is cheap these days. Looking to try and buy one of these can cost you $60 whether it is on an Instagram shop or boutique, but who wants to spend that kind of money? But thanks to TikTok, I learned an easy and simple way to get one for $20!

I recently did this hack with my friends and I give it a 10/10. I have gotten so many compliments on the sweatshirt, so I must share on how to make this style affordable!

It is very simple, but my friends and I ventured out to the closest Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s Fabric Store to find the iron-on patches which should cost you no more than $6. Then we went to Walmart to find a $12 crewneck sweatshirt, and BAM just like that you have an in-styled hoodie! Simple yet cute YET affordable, can’t get much better than that.

If you are still confused, here is a short video to give you a better idea! Enjoy