Emma Hale
2 min readFeb 23, 2021


Picture By: Walmart

Ice cream: a perfect dessert anytime of the day, in my opinion. I would say I definitely have a sweet tooth for ice cream, but not just any flavor… chocolate marshmallow is where its at. Saying that this is the best ice cream flavor is just an understatement because it truly tastes like heaven in a cup!

You may be wondering what is so special about this simple Turkey Hill chocolate marshmallow ice cream, but to be honest you can’t really know until you try it.

Gazing down the ice cream aisle, searching for this particular flavor brings a joy to me in the store. Opening the lid, it is like looking at a masterpiece, or a piece of art that should be hung in the Metropolitan museum in New York(and yes I am being serious). The smooth chocolate covering most of the top but seeing little steaks of the creamy marshmallow running through. But once you start to scoop it out, the artwork really gives it full effect of now seeing the blobs of marshmallow(no sarcasm).

My passion for this ice cream started when it was brought to my attention by my friend. I had never heard of this flavor, and was not expecting the delicious flavor in the first bite.

I’m sure there are multiple different brands, but if you are looking for the full experience, Turkey Hill is the way to go!

When in doubt, it is always my go to ice cream flavor. Next time you are at the store, grab this delicious ice cream for your movie night date or for girls night, I promise you will get them hooked as well.