Emma Hale
2 min readJan 15, 2021
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Lululemon: One of the most iconic athletic clothing brands that sells everything for both women and men… but the real question is, is it worth your money?Why buy a $120 pair of leggings at Lulu when you could buy a pair for half the price from Nike?

Most people say that the apparel is overpriced and not as good quality that everyone makes it seem. But I am here to tell you otherwise.

For starters, most who bash on Lululemon have probably never even owned anything from the store to begin with. Yes, a pair of leggings is on the higher end of pricing (but don’t let that scare you) because I promise they are life changing!

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The leggings from Lululemon are personally one of my top favorite items in the store. From the different styles and colors, it is hard not to love them. Looking for a comfy lounge pair of leggings? The align style is perfect for you. Or just wanting some cute leggings to workout in? The Wunder Under style is great for workouts! Not only are the leggings available in different styles but come in different lengths and sizes to fit each body type perfectly. Trust me, the quality of Lulu leggings is a game changer and afterwards, you won’t want to go back to the generic leggings brands.

On top of leggings they have every tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve, jackets, yoga mats, fanny packs, and many more adorable items that you could imagine.

But with that being said, it still may not be a store for everyone and if you are unhappy with your purchase, they give you 30 days to return your item to get a full refund.

When it comes down to it, yes it is just a clothing brand that is expensive, but the quality of the apparel is worth it.

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