Emma Hale
2 min readMar 2, 2021


Back with another ice cream review, but are we surprised? I definitely would say I have a sweet tooth for ice cream, so if you are like me, this is a place you have to try.

Photo By: FoodYas

A recent ice cream shop just opened in Leawood called Ice Cream Bae KC. It is located in Park Place, right next to the ice skating rink that is set up in the winter. With the environment of Park Place, it is a cute location for this shop.

Don’t get me wrong, ice cream from McDonalds or Dairy Queen is a go to stop, but this is a great place to go every now and then when you are looking for some next level ice cream. They have several different fun flavors, where you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Photo By: Pintrest

Their menu is split up to where they have their signature ice cream flavors, or they have their soft serve menu where they can take any flavor of ice cream with any toppings and turn it into soft serve ice cream! It is such a creative idea, yet so delicious. They also have a menu to create your own ice cream! (If you are like me, you want to go in and order every topping. VERY TEMPTING)

Not only do they have any ice cream flavor under the sun, the shop is so cute and is a great spot to take fun pics with the delicious treat with your friends! Everything about Ice Cream Bae is amazing and it is not very expensive.

All in all I give this shop a 11/10. It is a great stop after a date night or with your girlfriends!

Photo By: MIKCexplore